Quality Assurance Program

RMW's quality assurance approach for Seaport-e provides the essential management tools for monitoring and making improvements through integration into all Seaport-e programs and task orders. RMW's team has integrated a task management approach that drives task planning, staffing, organizing, directing, conducting, producing, monitoring, and reporting for each task order and contract-wide programs to ensure effectiveness and on-time and on-budget completion. Our approach includes building a good working relationship with the NAVSEA personnel through communication, both formal and informal, with the designated Government Project Managers and Contracting Officers.

Our approach consists of, but is not be limited to:

  • Managing change to preserve stability and maintaining technical expertise in the workforce.
  • Monitoring and maximizing quality.
  • Guaranteeing responsiveness to and cooperation with customers.
  • Problem identification and resolution.
  • Flow down of incentives to team partners.
Our quality control process is applied to all levels of the tasks and deliverables, emphasizing quality inspection and accountability. The program assures that our quality control efforts are timely, effective and are delivering the results specified in the task order and contract. The foundation of this methodology is our commitment to producing optimal results, responding quickly to change and ambiguity, and maintaining a close relationship with our customers.